Scoop Cobranded Magazines

Edition 1, Oct - Dec 2012

Edition 1, Oct - Dec 2012

For select clients, any of our stunning magazines can be cobranded and used as personalised gifts or as unique tools for targeting niche markets not available through other media.


As a corporate gift:

  • A unique personalised gift of quality and style
  • Perfect for staff, clients, corporate events and functions
  • Shelf life ensures high visibility and longevity
  • Cost-effective and easy to distribute

For destination promotion:

  • Scoop titles are the leading guides for promoting living in and visiting Perth and regional WA
  • Uses include promoting WA as a destination for students, employment and as a premium location for functions

As a marketing tool:

  • Branding in association with Scoop positions your business as an industry leader in WA
  • Delivery as part of a leading magazine and map provides access to markets not available through other media
  • High visibility and long shelf-life ensures access to friends, family and colleagues
  • Scoop’s unique distribution channels provides an effective, low-cost distribution solution